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The Chicago Startup Catalog is published by TINC Magazine: Technology Industry News – Chicago.

To be entered in the database, you must qualify and be approved by our editors. Please read the following list carefully. 75% of companies are ruled out because they don’t meet the following criteria.

1.       No consultancies or service providers. If you built a great technology product for another company, thenthat company may qualify. If you sell off-the-shelf software packages on the side, then you're in. But if you build custom applications, you do not qualify. You may, however, get press promote your service with a sponsored post. 

2.   You must be located within the Chicagoland area (does not include Northwest Indiana at this time).

3. Your core offering must be digital. Brick and Mortar business with e-commerce do not qualify. Some exceptions may be made for tech accessories (like a paintbrush for an iPhone). Exceptions will be made for all Biotech, Nanotechnology, and Computer Hardware Manufacturers.

4. Company must be founded AFTER 2001. 

5. Cannot be a publicly traded company (So yes, strange as it may seem, Groupon is not in the Startup Catalog). 


IF you meet ALL 5 of the above critieria, then write to with the following information

1.    The name of your company
2.    The URL of your company
3.    Contact email
4.    Number of employees –  rough range (1-10, 11-50, 51-100 etc.)
5.    If you are self-funded, FFF, seed funding, series B (chunk of money), C (several chunks of money) or D (line credit with banks, and self-supporting).
6.    150 word description of your company. No marketing or promotional language, please. In layman’s terms, describe, exactly, you’ve made.
7.    Attach a logo (any format or size is fine, jpg preferred)


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