Marketing Services

Whitepaper Conversion
TINC Magazine offers marketing services, which can be used in conjunction with our sponsored posts. Since our advertising options include space large enough for a feature article (under 1,000 words), we offer writing services for companies that don’t have existing or appropriate copy.

One specialty is our “article-izing” of whitepapers. We feel that whitepapers and case studies are effective, yet dry, marketing materials. Our editors can shorten and simplify these case studies and create a series of posts that are both keyword-rich (optimized for search engines), but also more understandable to a general audience.

Chicago Tech Consultancy Directory

We are also planning on building the first community-based (Buddypress) site in Chicago, which will allow members to have their own login and webpage to further get the word out about their offerings. Membership for 12-months is free with the purchase of one sponsored post.

Additional Services

We create simple, modern affordable websites, provide social media and PR services as well. Before we were publishers, we were marketers, and TINC and the other magazines in the Chicago Art Machine Network were created to offer innovating advertising and promotional offerings.