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EventWax is an online software tool used to organize ticket sales for corporate, industry and social events. Event planners can also track information and communicate with attendees before the event. TINC Magazine talked to EventWax owners Jennifer and Kevin Taylor to get more details about their company.

TINC: What is EventWax?

Jennifer Taylor: EventWax is an online event registration tool for event planners from all walks of life. Planners for industry conferences to fundraisers to smaller social gatherings use EventWax to manage their event registrations.

Planners can sell tickets of varying types for the same event as well as gather information from attendees through custom form fields. For example, planners can collect T-shirt sizes from attendees. The tool also can be used to communicate with attendees about the upcoming event through an email function.

TINC: What types of organizations and companies are in the target market for EventWax?

JT: Our clientele widely varies. We have events and conferences organized by the software development industry, healthcare industry, universities and colleges, small businesses and restaurants, live theater, and sporting events such as races.

TINC: How is the end product different than Event Brite? Do any other online ticket sale systems offer restricted access to the event?

Kevin Taylor: Eventbrite is a nice tool but it is very expensive. EventWax is substantially less expensive to sell tickets on. Also, Eventbrite has a steeper learning curve–it offers everything plus the kitchen sink. At EventWax, we specifically focus on keeping EventWax’s feature set simple and easy to use.

TINC: How can event managers share information with their team? What type of information, beyond attendance and guests list, is generated?

KT: Every event has a “dashboard” that shows the ticket sales, attendees, etc. for the event. This is the main control panel that the event planner uses to manage their event and audience.

TINC: What types of analytics systems are used?

KT: We don’t have built-in analytics at the moment but this is a feature that we are contemplating. But, in order to do it, we will want to make sure we can design an analytics dashboard that is very intuitive and easy to use so as to keep consistent with the rest of the EventWax features.

The following information about EventWax comes from the Chicago Startup Catalog:

Funding Level: Pre-A Series — No external funding
Industry Type: Event Services
Employment Size: 1-10
Founders: Original founders Patrick Griffiths and Dan Webb of the United Kingdom created EventWax in 2006. Kevin and Jennifer Taylor, co-owners, purchased the company in 2009.
Founding Date: 2006

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  1. So I checked this out because SiliconPrairieSocial does events all the time and we may want to try a new event service to make building one easier. Frankly, I cant tell the difference between this and Eventbrite. Plus they take a 2.0% ticket fee, which is roughly the exact amount of other ticket sites (except TicketBud). If I cant tell what makes the service better than an eventbrite or a TicketBud, I’m not going to use it.

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