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DailyDigital provides a tool for businesses or individuals with Facebook pages to create a paywall for content like video streams, audio, images or other downloadable digital files. Recently, TINC Magazine caught up with Nick Plassman, DailyDigital’s Director of Customer Care and Development:

TINC: What is DailyDigital?

Nick Plassman: A Digital Content Platform. DailyDigital is a complete content management and delivery solution, that gives you everything you need to stream HD videos and audio, offer digital downloads and present your entire digital catalog in a beautiful Content Store™ ™ on your website and Facebook page.

TINC: Which online payment systems do you partner with, or do you have a proprietary system?

NP: We are utilizing PayPal.

TINC: What are the fees associated with membership to DailyDigital?

NP: Our pricing is based on need.  A Content Store™ can be launched in just minutes with a 30 free trial.  Once the free trial is complete then the Content Store™ owner will have the option to choose from plans ranging from $9 a month to a maximum of $200 based solely on their Digital Video content; all other content has an unlimited potential for all pricing plans.

TINC: In rough numbers, how much content has been paid for via DailyDigital?

NP: Our customers have seen 10s of thousands of dollars realized already through their Content Store™ s.  That number continues to grow daily as people realize their digital content potential through DailyDigital.

TINC: How is this different than the competition, like PayPal’s paid content system?

NP: DailyDigital’s unique value rests in the platform’s ability to deliver all digital content right in the digital storefront without ever leaving or being redirected to another site.  For the first time Content Store™ owners can deliver content on Facebook, their blog and website without ever sending people links for downloads.  Whether their content is video, audio, images or presentations the customers will consume the content instantly via streaming or download, right from the storefront which lives on their Facebook page or website.

Our competition simply doesn’t allow all of these features together.  There are great video players out there that don’t allow for other content and we can do the same thing with so much more for the same price.  PayPal is an integrated payment system that allows for someone to accept payment on their site, but doesn’t power the search and content delivery the way that DailyDigital does. DailyDigital is really the only one doing what we are doing.  We are the full service digital content solution for businesses and organizations.

TINC: Can full-length films be streamed through DailyDigital or is it limited to video clips under 30 minutes or so? What’s the time and file size range?

NP: We do not limit the length of the video content.  This is a unique feature that our Content Store™ owners love!

TINC: How does content storage and bandwidth work within this platform?

NP: DailyDigital is utilizing the power of Amazons S3 cloud solution.  Our Content Store™ owners are the owners of their own content and they enjoy the ability to scale their content through Amazon.  DailyDigital is designed to be a perfect fit with the Amazon S3 so that once a Content Store™ owner sets up their store, they can seamlessly upload and manage their content via DailyDigital’s platform.

This means that they get instant access to the cheap “pay as you use” prices on storage and bandwidth that Amazon offers traditionally to developers who in turn resell those services to consumers. We give the consumer direct access to the services with no re-seller fees. So, DailyDigital is the first turn-key solution for your average content creator to tap into the power of the Amazon AWS content cloud.

TINC: What types of media are supported through DailyDigital?

NP: What types aren’t?  Ha!  Actually that is what really makes us great.  Our Content Store™ owners enjoy the ability to upload anything digital and know that they can deliver it directly to their audience.  Basically if it is digital, DailyDigital can deliver it.

Video and Audio can be offered via streaming or download. All other files are offered as downloads.

TINC: What other online platforms does DailyDigital depend on, and how are they tied in?

NP: We use a third part transcoding service called uEncode to ensure videos file playback across internet speed, device and browser.

We use Paypal to enable Content Store™  owners to sell access to their entire catalog of digital content.

Our server stack is EngineYard, which leverages Amazon’s EC2 service.

The following information about DailyDigital comes from the Chicago Startup Catalog:

Funding Level: Pre-A Series (no external funding); $300,000 in private founder/friends and family funding.
Industry Type: Digital Content and Commerce
Employment Size: 1-10
Founders: Founder and CEO, Derick Thompson.
Founding Date: Jan 1st 2010

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