MobManager Acquired by Constant Contact

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Congratulations to everyone over at MobManager on the acquisition! The following comes from MobManager’s homepage message.

Our vision from day one has been to create tools for small business owners that make managing daily deals easier. We are really enthusiastic about joining a company with a long history of enabling small business success. After our first conversation with Constant Contact, we knew they were different. The tone of the conversation wasn’t centered around what we can do for them; instead, it was what we can do together to help small businesses succeed. It was obvious that this is built into the DNA of Constant Contact, its culture, and its employees. We were so compelled by Constant Contact’s vision that we decided to relocate to Boston in January to begin working with them on a new deal concept, SaveLocal.

Having been a small business owner for nearly nine years, let me be the first to say that when daily deals are executed correctly, they can work for both the merchant and the consumers. The problem is that the priorities and motivation of most daily deal companies have been to drive short-term results for themselves, letting the needs of their merchants fall along the side of the road. The deal space is in need of an evolution that puts control of deals back into the hands of the merchants. Deal companies need to facilitate more than just a sale, but a better way to engage with a merchant’s existing customers to find their next best customer. This is exactly what SaveLocal by Constant Contact can accomplish.

We wouldn’t be here without the support of our families and friends. We would also like to thank the Chicagoland Entrepreneurship Center, Sandbox Industries, all our friends at Midnight Doers, Synergy Law, Harper Reed, Troy Henikoff, Millie Tadewaldt, Kevin Willer, Una Pipic, Tom LeSaffre, Jay Weintraub, Seth Kravitz, Pek Pongpaet, Sue Khim, Ryan Leavitt, and Maggie Mitchell.

Dave and Chris

Editor’s Note: If you’re wondering what MobManager has in common with email giant Constant Contact, here is their press release, talking about why and how they’re entering the deal space, (and gives a somewhat acerbic attack on other types of deal sites)

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