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With, users keep track of multiple deal site offerings using an online discount organizer or account diary, which aggregates the most current deals offered by merchants, according to the users’ preferences. TINC Magazine contacted Founder Jay Dias to find out more:

TINC: How does work?

Jay Dias: Our application aggregates deals from major coupon and discount sites using RSS feeds. The deals and discounts are made available to our users for searching or subscribing.  We use our proprietary calendar technology to present all discounts and deals that our user opted-in for.

We don’t use email as our primary mode of communicating all the deal information; this way our users are not forced to open each email to check if it has an interesting deal. Moreover, if they are not ready to shop right away, they are not burdened with the task to set reminders about start and end dates for their deals. We use emails only as an alert mechanism. All deals and discounts that a user opted in for are presented in calendar format in their account, making it easy to remember, share and stay organized. Our users can subscribe for the brands they use frequently and our application will search discounts and coupons for those brands on their behalf. This way our users can set their deal search on auto-pilot.

Users can get started with easy to follow steps listed here:

TINC: What deal sites does work with? In the current version, how many total deal sites can be aggregated?

JD: and offers from affiliate sites like Google, PepperJam, Shareasale and Linkshare. 

TINC: In what ways are users notified of deals?

JD: Users get email alerts when the brand they subscribed for goes on sale. The sale information can also be seen in their diary, which is basically a calendar-like layout of all their upcoming deals. Users can save any deal they like on site into their diary or subscribe for deals, which will automatically save a deal they are interested into their dairy. Users find our visual layout of their deals easy to follow, and it helps them stay organized and plan their shopping so that they can get the most savings from these deals.

TINC: Are there membership costs associated with

JD: is free (now and always will be) for consumer use.

TINC: Is Chicago focused or national?

JD: National.

TINC: What is your revenue model? 

JD: We get paid by the sponsors and advertisers promoting the coupon or discount.

TINC: Tell us about development platforms you may be using, or what you’re coding this in.

JD: We are using PHP, MySQL and jQuery to implement our site.

TINC: How is your product different from the other guys? What makes your company unique to the scene?

JD:  We don’t believe in dumping information on the consumer. What makes us different is:

1) Easy-to-use tools such as searches based on category, location, start and end dates.

2) Our way of alerting and presenting deals that interest our users; we don’t completely rely on email.

3) Visual layout of upcoming deals customized to each user’s interest and opt-in preferences, making it easy for them to stay organized and get the most savings from their upcoming deals.

Based on our usability tests, we are changing portions of our site and also adding help screens when new users login to guide them on our subscribe tool if they are interested in setting their deal search on auto-pilot. Stay tuned the newly designed sites will go live 4/15/12.

The following information about comes from the Chicago Startup Catalog:

Funding Level: Pre-A Series (no external funding)
Industry Type: General Consumer
Employment Size: 2
Founders: Jay Dias Founder, Brad Rosen Co-Founder
Founding Date: Company incorporated 7/28/11. Beta site launched 2/1/12

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  1. I like that they dont sent you an email after every deal you check out. That’s a great idea that no one else seems to do.

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