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Founded in 2011, is an online weather service that provides users with the Most Probable Forecast for their area.  Unlike traditional weather forecast services, reviews local, national and user-generated forecasts, grades them based off of actual results and only displays the highest rated data. TINC Magazine recently conducted an interview with Dave Chung, Co-Founder of Weatherist.

TINC: Weatherist is in beta right now – when do you plan to launch? 

Dave Chung: Mid-Summer. There are a number of other features that we’d like to test before fully launching.

TINC: Educate us on how information is created. Who are the main organizations predicting the weather? Where do the varied positions come from?

DC: There are a number of services that create original weather forecasts. We are currently collecting forecasts from the National Weather Service,, AccuWeather and local TV stations.

TINC: How does Weatherist work?

DC: aggregates local, national and user-submitted forecasts for a particular area and tracks their accuracy over time.  With this data, a most probable forecast is extracted and delivered to the user.  This forecast is a combination of all the highest rated weather data available in our extensive database.

TINC: How does Weatherist aggregate weather predictions to one online source? What types of weather predictions do not come from the national weather service?

DC: As you can tell by the accuracy scores, every forecaster is a little different and none of them use the exact same data to forecast. We pull all of the data into our own system to apply our calculations.

TINC: Are their plans for a mobile app in the future?

DC: Yes, we’ll be rolling out our mobile applications shortly after hitting every city and zip code in the US.

TINC: What is Weatherist’s business model?

DC: We will create some revenue from advertising but are much more interested in providing our data to companies or websites that are looking for accurate weather forecasts. This will be done through an api, as well as selling some of the data we have collected.

TINC: What is coded in?

DC: PHP and MySql

The following information about Weatherist comes from the Chicago Startup Catalog:

Growth phase: Pre-A Series (no external funding)
Industry Alignment: Productivity Tools and General Consumer
Employees: 1-10
Founders: Dave Chung, Co-Founder; Brendan Kolber, Co-Founder
Founding Date: September, 2011; Launched the site in November, 2011

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