Roundup – Chicago Startups Presumed Dead

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Kathryn Born

By pronouncing startups dead, we’re obviously stepping into some tricky territory. But gosh darnit, if you’ve closed your startup, why not just say it? Why not share your experience? So we offer these roundups in an attempt to verify the data, and if the information below is accurate, we’d love to start a conversation about pitfalls and lessons learned.

We also think that this kind of closing information is great for people looking for code to reuse and CEOs who are now available for new opportunities.

To avoid liability, we will say this: the companies below are local startups that, in some way, seem inactive. That’s all we’re saying; these startups have a “weekend-at-Bernie’s” vibe to them. If anyone contacts us and explains their pivot, plan, or updates their site, we promise to remove you from this post within 48 hours.

We also state the information that is leading us to feel the company is inactive, so you are welcome to make your own judgments.

We’ll have another list next week. We’ve got about  50 on our list that we’re looking into.


Dwellevate is a DIY approach to real estate that simplifies selling a home by providing sellers with more control over the process and the ability to customize their services, while also allowing buyers to browse available listings.

TINC Magazine has presumed Dwellevate is dead as all company urls no longer lead anywhere.

ReadyPing is a provider of wait list management and text message paging solutions. Web-based software helps restaurants and other businesses enables to easily send text messages to alert customers when their product or service is available.

Presumed dead: a TINC Magazine inquiry to was replied with this statement: “ReadyPing’s wait list management and SMS paging service is no longer available.”

OneHubb is a software platform, engineered to aid merchants in streamlining distribution, inventory, supply chain and sales processes by listing products on multiple websites at one time.

Presumed dead as homepage reads: “Please come back later” and has had this message for a while. 

TextHog is a platform that allows consumers to track their personal finances online by submitting transactions through text message and email. As transactions are recorded through Texthog’s site, users can receive notifications of the status of their budgetary spending.

Presumed dead because when users click “sign up,” it takes you to a dead page.

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