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UPDATE: We have a special beta code just for TINC Magazine. Just type in TINC , and you can try it yourself. See what Pek and your other friends are reading. However, if you come crying to me because you spent $100 on books from Pek’s list, I will have no sympathy, as I did the same.

I was watching a martial arts movie at 3AM where the hero was a master of both martial arts and stir fry cooking. Throughout the movie, he would run back and forth between Kung Fu battles and stirring the ingredients on his wok.

Pek Pongpaet conjures up this movie because he is both a hackathon-winning entrepreneur, and so accomplished at martial arts that he got to perform motion capture for 6 titles in the Mortal Kombat video game. Pek oscillates between wushu (Chinese martial arts) and being at his computer, conceiving, designing, marketing and codes an app, and then proceeds to do some totally awesome flying kicks. This might not be accurate in a literal way, but between the love of book, martial arts, coding and business, you can see that he’s is a new millennium renaissance man. 

Although Pek has created a lot of software in his day, Shelfluv is the one he created for himself as the customer, being an avid reader and an advocate of beautiful interfaces. In the simplest terms, Shelfluv is a social media app that graphically displays your bookshelf, and connects you with your friend’s bookshelves. The benefits are in the details; it’s instantly pulling data from Amazon, and has the immediacy of Google Instant, which generates results in the midst of a search.  This short post won’t get too in depth because a lot has been written in the press, and on his own blog. (Including the history of the product, which made a splash onto the scene when the first iteration won a MidVentures Hackathon in July 2010).

The question now is growing it through the social networks. The goal is that due to it’s social nature, it will spread organically. With over 500 “likes” on Facebook, while still in beta, it may be well on its way.

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  1. Pek has some of the best design skills I have ever seen. It is like eye candy that I can actually play with.

  2. I really dig that I can browse my friends’ stacks for good reads, buy it right away, then add my two cents after I’ve read it. Inviting design to boot.

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