Interview with Ryan Schoop of Doggyloot (Daily Deal Site for pets)

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TINC Magazine: Everyone, I mean, everyone, is racing into the “deals” category.  Outside of watching online videos on your living room TV, I’ve never seen a tech race quite like this. One issue that’s always nerve-wracking about deal-site space is that there is no “barrier to entry,” anyone can do one.

So this being the landscape, why are you doing this? There’s even competition in the Pet Deal niche!  Here are the specific questions:

Why pets? How big is that market?

Ryan Schoop: We had seen others slowly fill the void in the deal space of catering to specific interest groups, reaching categories such as mothers and families, the green space, and religion, among many others.  As a team with an affinity for dogs and armed with the knowledge that there is one dog for every four people in America and that the average dog owner spends more than $1,000 a year on their dog, we saw a great need for this dog related daily deal site.

TINC: In the face of all this competition, why enter the game?

RS: Previously, our founding team, Millie Tadewaldt, Nicholas Rosa, and myself, had all worked together on DashMob, a real-time, location-based deal service.  While DashMob used a more localized, time-sensitive version of the model that many deal sites such as doggyloot are using today, it gave us a great deal of perspective on the entire deal industry.  Through this experience we collectively saw a void and opportunity in daily deal sites that cater to specific interest groups.  Furthermore, in relation specifically to the pet deal space, we were excited to be the first mover and now the leader in dog goods and services daily deals.

TINC: Why do you feel your company will be successful?

RS: There are a several important reasons why I think that doggyloot is going to be very successful.  We have an outstanding team with very complementary skill sets.  We also have experience in the “deal game” with DashMob which has provided us with some very beneficial insights into consumer and merchant behavior in regards to deals.  Additionally, we have the human and financial capital of Sandbox Industries behind us, an advantage that cannot be understated.   And finally, as a team we truly love dogs and we feel that our passion to help fellow dog lovers and dog businesses more efficiently and easily connect, will help drive doggyloot to remarkable success.

TINC: On the about page, you say “doggyloot is fortunate enough to be powered by Sandbox Industries.” Can you elaborate on “powered by”?

Ryan Schoop of doggyloot

RS: Sandbox Industries provides the human and financial capital that make doggyloot go.  A major arm of Sandbox Industries is its incubator, of which doggyloot is a part.  Being a part of Sandbox, doggyloot has access to in-house Sandbox team members specializing in everything from programming to design to social media and to the financial resources needed to get doggyloot on its feet – or maybe more appropriately, paws.

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