2011 Funding Feeding Frenzy: May 4

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2011 Funding Feeding Frenzy: May 4
Wed, May 4, 2011, 8:30am- 8:00pm at
Grossinger City Autoplex

The Funding Feeding Frenzy is the place to be for CEOs and founders of fast growing companies to get connected with a group of investors who just may be waiting to sink their teeth into their winning idea. For business owners raising capital, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed. The Funding Feeding Frenzy is a unique opportunity to network with those ready to recognize the potential their company holds. Attendance at this event could be a tremendous step forward in securing the funding needed to rapidly grow their business.

Each company will present to a panel (including angel investors, private equity investors and venture capitalist) whose investing interests match the company’s profile. The Funding Feeding Frenzy is the ideal opportunity to snag investors who are ready to back growing companies.

The categories for the panels are:

Guppy Bowl: For young companies looking for less than $250,000 in seed money. Investors can provide access to all the resources a startup needs.

Piranha Pond: For companies that have already secured seed capital and need between $250,000 and $1,500,000 to grow. The connections made here may also help expand existing sales and distribution channels.

Kraken Cave: For companies seeking millions of dollars. Connect with the biggest fish in your industry.

Sunfish Sea: For companies focused on Solar Technology, Products or Services. Also includes Renewable Energy, (Wind, Geothermal, etc.) Energy Storage & Infrastructure and other “Green Tech” or “Clean Tech” focused companies. Funding needs can be of almost any size…our goal is “To Make the World a Better Place.”

Click here for info on how to register.

Grossinger City Autoplex is located at 1500 N Dayton St, Chicago.

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